The most valuable thing we have in life is time.

Time, unlike money and relationships is the most rarest of commodities- something we can never get back.

Why is it then do we wish our short lives away? Wishing for things in the future and neglecting our present?

This week my first born turns 4, and my youngest turned 1 last Thursday. It brought me to thinking ‘where has the time gone?’.

As sad as I am to leave behind the difficult but ultra rewarding baby years, I am equally excited to watch them grow up into adults.

But, here’s why I believe that time is deceptive..

By being excited to watch them grow older I feel like I’m inadvertantly wishing these incredible years away.

That time, is also my time.

The older they get, the less years I have on the planet.

The older they get, the less time I have with my parents.

The older they get, the closer they get to walking on the planet without me.

I wish sometimes that I could just slow time down to give us the chance to be in the here and now.

Or, maybe feel like time is going slower so that every moment feels like a lifetime.

Then again, a million lifetimes wouldn’t even be enough with my girls.

I’ll always want more.