I love this time of year when everyone is trying to be a better version of themselves. People are happier, more active and more positive.

But not everyone feels the same way.

Scroll through any facebook timeline and you’ll see copious amounts of people criticising other people for making New Year’s resolutions.

Think in your brain, not you bicep.

Similarly, if you take a take a cursory glance toward your lycra cladded fitness before New Year and you’ll catch them muttering some iteration of this.

“Don’t wait until new year, start now”.

Like your going to pass up on your christmas food fest and socials to start the gym on Boxing day. Get over it. Any reasonable person will see this for what it is. 


But what happens? Their army of   followers will recite and repeat these knobheads parrot fashion and demean people who sensibly want to wait to make a bit of a fresh part…

…right across their Facebook account.

Knowledge is Power

If these fitness guru’s took any notice to PT class (provided they took one) they’ll be well aware of the Cycle of Change model. 

Image from social work tech

There are many  iterations of this across the internet but the one above by Prochaska & DiClemente’s model (1983) is the gold standard.

What you are seeing here is the mental cycle of someone going through a change event.

The person may not even notice it. They may miss steps. But ultimately we all go through numerous revolutions of this cycle before we commit to long lasting change and here’s the annoying part may even join it again sometime in the future.

So when these nutbags scream out through social media to make the change TODAY, it;s based on a masochistic stupidity and ignorance without any basis is psychology.

To really drive home my point take a look at the  Dahlgren and Whitehead Social Determinants of Health Model below which summaries the main influences on health. New Year is the perfect time to make a change. WHY?

image from Research Gate

In the New Year the gyms are welcoming new members with discounts, shops are flush with healthy food, campaigns such as Veganuary are all the rage, people are positive, you sick of eating crap over the christmas period.

I may be grasping at straws here but This is the perfect time to start!

The only thing that’s negative are the cocks in Lycra and this blooming weather.

Resolutions not goals.

Now we I’ve told you that New Year is the important time to start (and my word is final) let me heed this warning to you 

Be careful! , there is a tendency to rush and do too much too soon in the New Year. 

We’ve all starved ourselves, prepped and endless supply of meals and hit the gym until it closes. Only for you to be sucking like a baby on a yard of dairy milk while swimming in a pool of *insert drink of choice wondering why it never works out for you.

So don’t get all Usain Bolt on us, be more Mo Farah (heck, even that’s too fast) but you get the point.

See resolutions as things you want to do this year and set goals accordingly.  And this year means, by 1st Jan 2021, not by the end of January. 

Take it slow with a habit based approach like what is set out in the books below.

If you’re not ready to start now, don’t! 

Just commit yourself to start  sometime this year.

It’s a resolution not a revolution.

Resolutions are in your Control

I feel it’s important to note that resolutions are things that are in your control. That you are directly responsible for. 

Of course, for most people this is too lose weight, get fit, etc. But it can also be to learn a new skill or to use your car less.

But they should not be things that are out of your control like getting a new job or to travel more. There are nice to have but are not totally in your control. 

To get a new job, you need to apply, interview and are at the mercy of someone else’s decision. Likewise, to travel more, you need money, time off work, someone to go with etc. 

You get the drift. 

Setting something that you have little or no control over is a sure way to disappointment come Jan 2021

My Resolutions

*steps off my high horse.

You may or may not be wondering what my resolutions are. Probably not but I’m telling you anyway…

-To be 16stone by 1st Jan 2021

-To master making beef burger patties because I haven’t mastered it yet.

-Ensure I wash and WIPE the dishes every time and leave the kitchen as I found it. Makes life easier when mugs are clean for a nice hot cuppa!

I’ve had a weight loss goal every year since I finished playing rugby and have expanding like a chinese city ever since. But I need to do it now for my health and not vanity. I’ll explain more in a different blog post.

Feel free to share yours with me in the comments below or via email to morgans.sean@gmail.com. I’ll catch up with you next Jan to see if you’ve achieved them.