That decade went fast.

I’m totally unsure on how to think about it.

It took me through my 20’s which is a big decade in anyone’s life.

Here’s some highlights.

1 wedding, 2 kids, 3 houses.

I gained a degree, got a job in the organisation I wanted, taught myself web design and digital marketing and set up a few businesses.

I also got to grips with my stammer which I never thought I would do.

Hardly an action packed 10 years I know but hey life’s a marathon and not a sprint, right?

I still feel pretty underwhelmed about it though, here’s why…

I started the decade fit and healthy rugby players, I ended it with rheumatoid arthritis and obese. 

I quit most things I started like learning the guitar.

I didn’t get the 10 houses I wanted by the time I was 30 like I hoped. Was always a long shot though.

I gained a dog and lost a dog.

I’m still working for the man in the same job as I started when all I wanted for most of the decade was to be self employed.

You get the drift.

My hope for the upcoming decade is that I make it through happily married, with 2 healthy kids, more financially stable and a lot fucking happier than I am now. 

This blog will hopefully document that progress.

Here’s to not being a complete and utter failure.