I was a little behind on the reading front in February. If you have read my ‘2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back‘ post you’ll know that my month didn’t start too well and that translated into my reading.

I also started the second model of my uni course in February and found myself digging into lots of documents relating to Health Inequalities. Lovely!

Nevertheless I finished 2 books and started reading another.

Man’s Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust- Victor E. Frankl

I’ve wanted to read this for a number of years after having a conversation about it with a university lecturer. I finally got around to it!

I actually listened to the audiobook which I wouldn’t recommend because the production is quite dated and I feel like the writing needs to be read to be fully understood (Lots of big words of complex theories).

Anyhow, in the first section Frankl recalls his time in Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust which is absolutely fascinating. Really gripping stuff as you can imagine.

The second part he talks about a psychotherapeutic approach which he developed called Logotherapy. The idea behind Logotherapy is that humans are always searching for the meaning of life. He also surmises that when people are unable to find the meaning of their life they suffer with depression, anxiety and in the case of many of Frankl’s comrades from concentration camps, death.

What I mean by that last sentence is that Frankl states that the moment any of his comrades lost hope, lost what their meaning of life was, they would would give up and either be killed by a Nazi or starve to death.

Frankl always believed that there was meaning to his and other peoples suffering and in fact and uses anecdotes from his experiences in camps to back up this point.

In summary, it was a very useful book but I wish I’d bought a hard copy rather than an audio book version.

Behind the Mask: My Autobiography- Tyson Fury

At the moment you can’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing Tyson Fury’s name being mentioned.

Which is no mean feat for a traveller who just a few years ago was public enemy number 1 after some homophobic and anti-semetic tweets and a drugs and drink problems.

But as if it was written in a movie, Fury came back from all his problems in the most dramatic of ways in his world title fight with heavyweight competitor Deontay Wilder.

If Fury wasn’t known before, he was after that night…

In his book, Fury talks candidly about his mental health problems, about his incredible comeback and about his gypsy upbringing. It’s worth a read!

The Unfinished Third Book

So, I mentioned at the beginning of this blog that I’ve started but not finished a third book. This book is about the First World War and is called, ‘Voices From the Front: An oral history of the great war’. If you want to read along with me, you can purchase the book below.