Life would be easy if we could go through life with no surprises.

But life isn’t a graph, it isn’t linear.

No, life is a shitstorm of things that are there to throw you off your path.

But, a purposeful life is always full of challenges.

Let me ask you a question here?

Does a Mars Bar taste better after a tough day of work or a lazy day on the sofa?

I assume your answer is a tough day at work!

That old cliche, like all cliches is bang on. “Nothing worth having in life comes easy”.

I use this a lot when it comes to my kids.

Kids as you probably know are adorable, so cute they can melt your heart in an instant. Yet, they are truly the hardest thing I have ever done. 

From shitting in the bath, to being awake all night for no obvious reason, to tipping a full toy box up after you’ve just cleaned up.

They are the definition of a loveable terrorist. 

‘Osama bin Cuties’ they are.

Back to my main point.

January was a great month for me. I was starting to get some order back in my life. I was eating better, exercising more, at my lowest weight in 2 years, nourishing my soul with some good quality books and making some plans for the future and..


I’m ill.

Everything takes a downturn. I exercise less, eat shite, read less and my mood tumbles like a fat man in a sack race.

Thankfully, I’m coming around (after a strong dose of antibiotics) and I’m starting to think about getting myself back in the game again.

The focus for me for next time this happens (and it will happen again) is to build a strategy so that I don’t slip into bad habits the next time my immune system takes a tumble. 

Might even write about it here….

Thanks for reading.